4 Ways to Add Prayer Into Your Daily Life

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Prayer is used around the world in all different beliefs. It’s a lovely part of a spiritual life. Here are four ways to add prayer into your daily life.

1. I love to use prayer beads. These can be in the form of a rosary, and saying all the prayers associated with it–the Hail Marys, and the Decades. I also love making my own prayer beads, using handmade glass beads, or stones.  My current favorite is made with faceted citrine that I bought on a trip to Hong Kong. Each bead is separated by a garnet bead. Hanging from that is a sterling bead that says “Everything you can imagine is real.”

2. I love the ritual of having an alter. On my alter I have a beautiful antique French crucifix with rosaries hanging from it. I also have a lovely Quan Yin I bought in Hong Kong from a street vendor. There’s a crystal bowl to sing to me, and an incense bowl with sage. I stand before it when I’m making sacred space for Reiki energy healings and to read tarot for a client, and also before a coaching session.

3. I pray in the car. Yep, as I’m driving to work there’s just the quiet of the road and me. Sometimes I start with a Reiki chant so I can feel the energy flowing. Then I talk to God, The Divine, Spirit, whatever you choose to call your god. I call mine God. I give thanks, and then ask for guidance to keep my feet on a spiritual path throughout my day.

4. Bedtime. And sometimes I pray before I sleep. Thank you, God, for this remarkable day. Thank you for helping me hold my temper. Thank you for making me ashamed when I didn’t hold my temper. Thank you for the wonderful people who came into my life today and showed me compassion and friendship and camaraderie.

I’d love to hear how and why YOU pray!

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Add Prayer Into Your Daily Life

  1. This is beautiful Michelle! I think my favorite place to pray is anywhere in nature. There is something about being outside that gives me a deeper sense of focus and connection.

    1. I love being in nature for prayer! I’m excited to soon offer a nature and spirit workshop in the forest.

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