7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

Most people are searching for their life purpose. How do they find it? How do you find yours?

Since yours is unique from anyone else’s, it’s a mission that only you can complete.

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to discovering your life purpose, and in your quest for passion, remember to concentrate on enjoying the journey itself. And sometimes when you stop stressing about your life’s purpose, it falls into your lap!

Here are some ways you can discover your life purpose:

  1. Write about how you feel. Journaling with a pen and paper, or your laptop is a great way to find out what you think. Write about how you truly feel and what you want out of life. Remember that no one is going to read this other than you, so don’t be afraid to express your thoughts.
  • Go back and reread your entries every so often. Many times, this process can bring you new realizations or ideas that you didn’t think of when you were writing it.
  1. Pursue your passions. What are you passionate about? If you’re passionate about a certain subject, maybe you can make a career or hobby out of it. Engage in activities that are meaningful to you and each day of your life will be charged with purpose.
  1. Consider your talents. Think about the areas in which you naturally excel. Are there skills you can turn into something meaningful for you?
  • Use your talents and passions to make a difference in the lives of other people or animals or the environment or (fill in your passion here!).
  • If you find that you’re good at comforting people, perhaps you might love a career as a counselor.
  • Do an internet search on those talents and see what shows up!
  1. Converse with inspiring people. Strike up a conversation with someone who inspires you. While you might not be interested in the same things, you can talk about how they discovered their life purpose. Their triumphs and struggles will make good lessons for you in your journey to your purpose.
  1. What brings you joy? Reflect on the moments in your life when you’re most happy. What are you doing at these times? You can start the quest for your life purpose by using what already makes you happy.
  • Maybe you’re most happy when you’re just sitting at home with your family. That’s a wonderful gift!
  • Remember that you’re not necessarily searching for something exotic! Your life purpose may already be under your nose.
  1. Embrace change. There’s comfort and safety in not taking risks, but you may never discover your life’s true purpose if you don’t explore beyond your safety zone. Learn to embrace change because life is constantly changing around you.
  1. Uphold your values. Everyone has a set of life values that they tend to adhere. Personal valuesare those beliefs or ideas that are important to you in your life. Values are what you stand for in life―what you believe in and are willing to support and stand up for. You can use your values as a starting point on your journey to discover your life purpose. Make a list of your values with your most important ones at the top. Think about what you can do to honor those values in life every day. Your life purpose should include your values.

Use these strategies on your journey to discover your life purpose, and one day soon you’ll realize that you’ve found the one feature of your life that makes everything worthwhile. What strategies can you share here that might help others? I’d love to hear from you!

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