Are you living the life you thought you’d live?

Are you excited to get up each morning to face the new day? OR are you facing a big life change and have no idea where to turn next?

Ready to find your life purpose or a new career?  Perhaps you’ve sent the kids off to higher education, your husband is deep into his own work, and your job is so ho-hum you could just drop in your tracks with boredom. What happened to those  parts of you that were once so important?

It’s time to dust those dreams off and give them a hard look. Do they still make your heart skip a beat OR do you have new dreams you’d like to explore?

I’m Michelle McKenzie and I’m a certified Intuitive Life Coach! I also am certified as a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and a Reiki master/teacher/energy healer.  I can also train you in Mindfulness and Mindful Living as well as help you learn how to develop and use  your Intuition.  I can also use Intuitive Readings to give you insights, and train you on how to use Tarot for your own personal insights. With these in my toolbox,  I can help you discover your heart’s desires.  We’ll inspect them, dissect them, chew them up and make them YOURS!

As your Intuitive Life Coach, I help  you explore your core beliefs, your values, identity, your destiny. You will discover your own spiritual nature, and define it. You’ll learn how to use it to keep you on track with your life values and how to bring spirituality into your daily life. We can work on helping you develop your intuition as well as learning about energy healing.

This type of work can bring about deep, significant and lasting change and:

  • Have more peace and harmony in your relationships
  • Create more inner peace and joy in your life
  • Get results in your life by operating on a spiritual and practical level.



I’d like to help you make your spirituality work for you so that you:

  • Become more masterful in dealing with  situations in your life
  • Create the abundance love, success, etc.) you deserve to have
  • Create the joyful life that Source, Universe, or God/Goddess  (whatever name you use) intended you to have
  • Integrate your spirituality into your daily life
  • Put your spirituality to work for you
  • Find more useful ways to resolve conflict
  • Become less reactive and more peaceful and centered.

What opportunities are you missing out on?

  • Is your job sapping the joy from your life? Ready to find your ‘real’ career and fill your life with meaning?
  • How about bringing  your own brand of spirituality into your daily life? Want to just stay grounded throughout your day? Sounds good, but you’re not sure how to do it, right?
  • Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted, or will you watch it pass you by?

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Let me help you create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted while gaining your own dazzling authenticity.

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Create a safe, nonjudgmental space for you
• Keep everything you say in the strictest confidence
• Help you discover your goals and time-frames
• Ask you focused, thought-provoking questions
• Challenge you to think about the life you really, really want
• Listen intently to you and ask deep questions
• Reflect back to you those inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles in a clear and objective manner.
Hold you accountable for your own chosen goals and actions and keep you on track
• Encourage you to be positive and pro-active, and be your cheerleader

• Tell you what to do, or not to do (role of a consultant)
• Give direct advice of what you should or should not do
• Inflict their (the coach’s) personal experiences onto you
• Sell or manipulate you to their agendas
• Judge you
• Evaluate you
• Criticize you
• Critique you
• Assess you
• Make you feel guilty for any reason at all

• A certified life and spiritual coach
• A Reiki master/teacher
• A certified card reader
YOUR chance to get focused on what you REALLY, REALLY WANT!

• A therapist
• A councilor
• A minister
• A consultant


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