Animal Transitions: Animal Companion End-of-Life Coach


An animal companion celebrant and spiritual life coach is a nonmedical support person who provides nonjudgmental, holistic support to those whose pets are nearing the end of life. Together we will help your animal feels safe and calm.

I have suffered the deep grief of losing an animal companion. Over and over again. The questions and decisions after a terminal diagnosis are long and varied. Can I offer hospice care? How much will it cost? Can I lift my animal? How do I tell my young kids? How do I cope with the grief? Do my animals know they’re dying? How can I create sacred space around my dying friend? 

So many questions. 

As someone who has worked with rescue animals for many years, and have had many animals share my life, this work has been a natural progression for me.

I trained as a veterinary assistant and was the operations manager at an animals shelter for some years. Working with veterinarians, I followed their directions for the day-to-day medical care of the animals at the shelter. My whole life has been about animals, even when I didn’t work with them, but just loved those living with me.

Losing or preparing to lose your best friend is extraordinarily painful. I’ve lost many of my animal family over the years and understand how much pain you might be experiencing.  I can help you and your animal through this important final journey.

As your Animal Companion End-of-Life Coach, I am there to offer resources and comfort you during the period of grieving while holding space for you. 

I help you when you need to prepare for the last days of your animal’s life, and when no other option remains for your beloved pet. It may be the greatest kindness you can offer and one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make, and I will offer guidance with these unfolding decisions and unobtrusively assist you with your veterinarian as/if needed. I will create a warm and peaceful space at the passing place of your choosing, and give the comfort of Reiki to your companion and to you if you like, as they make their transition. It’s all up to you.

In walking with you through dying process, I can help to reduce fear and anxiety and take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Loss and grief can ravage our emotions. I offer coaching sessions to help support you as you support your companion. We will visit using the phone, or Zoom. Meeting in person will depend on your location and current covid restrictions.

I can help create the rituals and ceremonies that resonate for you and for your beloved animal. These can be during hospice care as well as after death.

As an Animal Companion End-of-Life Coach both your animal and you are my clients. A celebrant can help create safe and sacred space for your animal companion and you in this time of sadness.

Grief is a large part of losing a loved one and having people and methods to help you cope can be critical. As a celebrant for you and your animal I will visit you at home or via zoom and introduce myself and explain my experience and knowledge and we will discuss your needs. 

As your Animal Companion End-of-Life Coach:

  • I learn about your best friend, what kind of animal it was, Learn about their life and favorite person and things to do. 
  • Help you set up hospice care in your home
  • Help you create sacred space and rituals for you and your loved one
  • Offer Reiki to you and your animal
  • Support for you and your pet during euthanasia
  • Discuss your options for your pet after death
  • I will hold space for you to spend time talking about your friend and sharing memories.
  • We will discuss what you want in terms of location, type of funeral, songs/music, prayers, or poems for the ceremony, as well as how you would like it to be conducted.
  • I help you decide if you want a religious or non-religious ceremony. This is important as religious or non-religious beliefs and ritual will assist help you deal with the loss of your beloved friend.
  • I will lead the ceremony (unless a family member wishes to do so), through the introduction, prayers, inviting people to speak, and in the conclusion.
  • Offer support and guidance and resources
  • Provide you a copy of the ceremony.

Perhaps you need assistance administering medications or fluids and you aren’t yet at the end-of-life stage. This depends on your location and current covid restrictions. I can assist you with hospice care as well. 

Contact me to discuss your situation and what services you will need in a complimentary 30 minute call.  We can create your package or work by the hour.