Michelle McKenzie

“My mission is to help people CREATE the lives they DREAM of having.”

I’m Michelle McKenzie, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator, a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Reiki Master/Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor.  I am also an Animal Companion End-of-Life Doula.

I am a life-long animal lover. I received my BA from Saint Mary’s College of California and spent many years working in the nonprofit sector, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Crocker Art Museum, and Sammie’s Friends Animal Shelter. Over the course of many years of exploration I discovered life coaching, Reiki energy healing, neurolinguistic programming, mindfulness and journaling, and opening myself to the gift of intuition.

What led me to coaching?

I was an Air Force brat and we moved all over the States. It seemed that a sibling was added in each new state we moved to. (Of course that’s an exaggeration, but it felt like it!) Because we were always the new kids among kids who’d all grown up together, I became the coach to my brothers and my sister to help them (and me) deal with the constant newness of schools, towns, states, and having to make new friends over and over again.

Fast forward many years and the opportunity came to re-evaluate my life’s direction when the publishing department I was leading was absorbed into the institution I worked for.  This immediately followed 9-11, which  shook the world and the stock market dived, money was lost. The institution leaders decided a publishing arm wasn’t vital to their mission. After 18 years, I was no longer needed there.

I love teaching and working with people, which has always been a part of my work, and with the loss of this job I thought I would retire from as an old woman, I felt a total and terrible loss. What do I do now? How do I move forward?  I felt aimless—stuck.

I started to connect with parts of myself, my heart, my soul, my body through meditation and spirituality, in ways I’d never explored before.

Then I was gifted a month of coaching sessions. My coach helped me delve, dig and discover myself. Eventually this led me here, to fully dedicating myself to the work of helping other women rediscover their dreams.

I bring all my years of business experience, studies in spirituality, life knowledge and coaching tools, including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help my clients. I also offer Reiki energy healing and intuitive readings that can add important insights.

I share all this because I truly feel these many adventures grew my compassion, courage and leadership.

Let me help YOU delve, dig and discover your potential!

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My values, beliefs and philosophy

We are all connected―we help each other and it helps us as well. The Universe has our back! We have more potential to achieve our dreams than we can even IMAGINE!

  • Take it one step at a time. Life can seem overwhelming at times, especially when we are trying new things. When tasks are broken into small steps, it’s a lot easier to accomplish our objectives.
  • If one way doesn’t work, try another! Frustration can lead to despair, but by looking at ideas or concepts from different angles it becomes easier to figure things out—find a different way to approach your goal.
  • Perception IS reality! Believing yourself is critical to how you are perceived by others. Your own perceptions are mirrored by others and so how you present yourself is key to how they see you.
  • Goals without timetables are just dreams. It’s important to identify the steps to achieving your goals as well as the time frame in which you hope to accomplish them.
My coaching style

My coaching is a mixture of friend, expert, been-there-done-that, deep listener and deep questioner. We’ll start with a free 45-minute phone strategy meeting to make sure I’m a good match for you. Once you’ve decided to hire me as your coach, I’ll send you my discovery sheets that are fun and give you a chance to take a look at yourself in a totally new way. From there, we’ll begin our sessions and discover your dreams.

My qualifications
  • My certificate as an Spiritual Life Coach gives me many tools to help folks get to where they want to go.
  • My certificate as Compassion Fatigue Educator
  • My certificate as an end-of-life doula
  • My BA in management, from Saint Mary’s of California, was based on working with people—not on managing the numbers, although that was of course, a part of my work. I handled multi-million dollar budgets AND I learned how much I enjoyed teaching people how to make progress with their work.
  • My over 30 years of management gave me an excellent basis for working with people.
  • My certificate as a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner gives my additional coaching tools to help my clients.
  • My certificate as a Reiki practitioner, master, teacher gives me the opportunity to help my clients through energy work and healing.
  • My many years (since the late 60s) of tarot reading give me many insights for myself and my clients.
  • My training as a vet assistant
  • My animal shelter work–five years of working with animals, veterinarians, and people.
  • The many animals I’ve lived with during my life!
My career
  • Coach
  • Animal Welfare Advocate, Medical Care and Placement
  • Publisher
  • Retail manager/buyer
  • Managing editor
  • Writer and Award-winning Children’s Books Author
Education & Training
  • Bachelor of Arts in Management—St Mary’s College of California
  • Certified Life Coach―Life Purpose Institute, accredited by the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator
  • Certified End-of-Life Doula
  • Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner―INLP Center
  • Certified Reiki Master–special focus on animals
  • Green Cross Center of Traumatology 
  • The International Center for Reiki Training
  • International House of Reiki

It is so empowering to assume responsibility for your own life and then to take the steps toward making your dreams into your reality

What People are Saying

Michelle is a wonderful combination of passionate, kind and caring. As a coach, she excels at asking questions that help her clients find common threads and identify “big picture” goals. I came to her with many challenges, and she was able to help me break them down, examine them, and emerge with a concrete plan of action. This helped to increase my confidence and set me on the path to achieving my goals.--Angela L.

I enjoyed working with Michelle on my book. She is with no doubt an adept editor. Besides her professionalism, attention to every detail and her promptness, she also has an amazing personality.
I would definitely recommend her and work with her in the future. –Yusuff A.

Michelle’s flexible, easy nature allows for whatever you show-up with during the session, yet she is able to ask those hard questions that help build awareness and forward action. She gave me valuable resources that helped me to enhance my business practices.  Michelle’s manner is generally easy-going and warm, yet she’s not afraid to ask the thought-provoking questions. –Petra G.

Michelle was very personable and easy to talk to during coaching. She was direct yet compassionate. Michelle is a wonderful coach who allows you to be open with exploration and ideas. Michelle coached me through a phase and transition that was unique to me. I appreciate Michelle for her willingness to work with me. Her help was very much appreciated. –Artricia A.

I had lots of big goals but no idea how to narrow my focus and choose the path that would make my soul sing. I was overwhelmed and getting nowhere. Michelle lovingly helped me sort through my options, get organized, and take an honest look at what I truly wanted to do with my life. In just four sessions I had a roadmap, an abundance of motivation, and an end to the overwhelm. –Katrina H.

I have been one of Michelle McKenzie’s clients for a while. Unlike a traditional life coach she brings to the table her experience in angel cards reading and reiki. Michelle’s skills, innate instinct and spiritual wisdom has provided me exactly what I needed during the rough times that I have run into during major transition in my life. I decided to seek out a professional like Michelle who had the formal training of spiritual depth and the know-how of a life coach. She has focus, passion, commitment, wisdom and persistence. She is also a natural intuitive, which shines through in her coaching because her focus is that you be set free so you can fly on your own. She is a healer of the soul. She goes deeper to find the root of your desire to become all that you were created to be. —Aida S.

Michelle is an incredible coach. She brings a loving, intuitive energy to your session and allows you to feel comfortable in sharing with her. She carefully guided me over a huge hurdle in my life and I loved working with her. –Raeanna L.

Michelle McKenzie is a natural when it comes to life coaching. She made me feel comfortable right from the beginning and I was able to say anything that was on my mind without any judgement from her. She definitely helped guide me to find my purpose in life and what I’m meant to do in this world.. I cannot appreciate her enough. –Tiffany B.

Today I love being in nature and live in a small northern California town in the Sierra Nevada foothills right outside the Tahoe National Forest with my husband of 40 years, and with our cats and dogs.


(photo by Lesley Deutsch Photography)


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