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Are you living the life you thought you’d live?

Are you excited to get up each morning to face the new day? OR are you facing a big life change and have no idea where to turn next?

Ready to find your life purpose or a new career?  Perhaps you’ve sent the kids off to higher education, your husband is deep into his own work, and your job is so ho-hum you could just drop in your tracks with boredom. What happened to those parts of you that were once so important?

It’s time to dust those dreams off and give them a hard look. Do they still make your heart skip a beat OR do you have new dreams you’d like to explore?

I’m Michelle McKenzie and I’m a certified Spiritual  Life Coach! I also am certified as a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and a Reiki master/teacher/energy healer.  I can also train you in Mindfulness and Mindful Living as well as help you learn how to develop and use your Intuition. You can CONTACT ME now if you like to schedule a 30-minute consultation at no cost to you.

If you like, I can offer you  Intuitive Readings to give you insights using Tarot. With these in my toolbox,  I can help you discover your heart’s desires.  We’ll inspect them, dissect them, chew them up and make them YOURS!

As your Spiritual Life Coach, I help  you explore your core beliefs, your values, identity, your destiny. You will discover your own spiritual nature, and define it. You’ll learn how to use it to keep you on track with your life values and how to bring spirituality into your daily life. We can work on helping you develop your intuition as well as learning about energy healing.

This type of work can bring about deep, significant, and lasting change and:

  • Have more peace and harmony in your relationships
  • Create more inner peace and joy in your life
  • Get results in your life by operating on a spiritual and practical level.


I’d be thrilled to help you make your spirituality work for you so that you:

  • Become more masterful in dealing with  situations in your life
  • Create abundance, love, success, etc.) you deserve to have
  • Create the joyful life that the Source, Universe, or God/Goddess  (whatever name you use) intended you to have
  • Integrate your spirituality into your daily life
  • Put your spirituality to work for you
  • Find more useful ways to resolve conflict
  • Become less reactive and more peaceful and centered.

What opportunities are you missing out on?

  • Is your job sapping the joy from your life? Ready to find your ‘real’ career and fill your life with meaning?
  • How about bringing your own brand of spirituality into your daily life? Want to just stay grounded throughout your day? Sounds good, but you’re not sure how to do it, right?
  • Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted, or will you watch it pass you by?

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Let me help you create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted while gaining your own dazzling authenticity.

Time for a CHANGE?

  • Do  you hurt and know that there’s got to be something MORE
  • Are you ready to create a vision and find ways to make that vision come true
  • Maybe you have many things that interest you and can’t  figure out what truly CALLS you
  • Maybe you feel blocked, by either your job or family or even yourself

These are JUST the times when you can gain MASSIVE clarity and get moving with the help of a coach!

I love working with people who want to explore their spirituality. Spiritual/Intuitive coaching helps you look at and define your core values, your beliefs, and how to feel more connected. This area of coaching can include meditation, developing your own community of like-minded people, energy healing, bringing spirituality into your daily life, developing your intuition, the law of attraction, and much more.

A lack of confidence can keep you from doing all those cool things that would make your life exciting. It can put the brakes on taking risks with your work that would take you from ho-hum to happy-dance!

As an intuitive coach, I work with passionate women with big burning dreams as well as women who want to discover those dreams.  Sessions are designed to help you enter into your sacred space and explore your inner wisdom.

Is spiritual/intuitive coaching right for me?

You feel pulled, even CALLED to do more–to explore your soul. You may have recognized your calling, or it might still remain hidden, waiting for your exploration and discovery.

And you feel that something doesn’t feel quite right. You know there’s more that you are meant to do.

Now is the time to explore, go deep and find out what brings you alive! What if you can make small changes to your daily life to help you to the next level of consciousness? What might happen if you dedicated your energy over a period of time to untangling all that holds you back and all that you want to manifest in your life?

Maybe this is the time to push through the fear and discover yourself.

Is intuitive coaching for me?

  • Are you are committed to discovering your dreams?
  • Are you are ready to live with greater awareness of who you are?
  • Are you are open to changing your perspectives and habits?
  • Are you open to the curiosity that you had as a child?
  • Are you are ready to work on releasing old blocks and negative habits?
  • Are you are willing to commit and do the work?
  • Are you are ready to take the necessary action steps?
  • Are you are ready to experience your transformation with patience, allowing it to unfold as it is meant to?

Vision creation and goal tracking

Together, we will explore what it is that you want to create and then we’ll build a foundation for it to thrive.  In each coaching session we will create action steps that are aligned to your vision and track how you are progressing toward it. We will work through any blocks that come up and also move you through any old habits that are keeping you from taking action.

Deeply intuitive

I use an intuitive approach to life coaching so each experience and each session will be different. Depending on how the energy feels during the session and what I tap into, I may guide you through a deep meditation to find grounding and clarity, we may do some soul work using a worksheet together where the big questions are asked and explored, or I may do some energy work to explore what needs to be healed and released.


Our sessions are personalized for you to obtain the best possible outcome.  We will create a safe space for your journey and for you to explore your vision and get clear on your vision. You will learn to channel your energy into your vision.

Holistic Integration

I use a range of different techniques and rituals to help you create the best coaching experience for you. I blend in Reiki, energy healing, meditation, mantras, chakra work, crystals, journaling,  mindful practices, and even tarot, if called upon,  into our sessions.

Together, we could work together on

  • Tuning your body into an intuitive channel
  • Creating spiritual practices to deepen your intuition and creativity
  • Exploring how you receive and work with your intuition
  • Peeling back the layers, allowing you to unravel and release what you are ready to let go of/ ‘release what is holding you back’?
  • Creating powerful actions aligned to your deepest desires that balance both head and heart
  • Uncovering your light and your shadow aspects
  • Carving out  supportive and nourishing rituals to move through your day
  • Finding crystal clear clarity on how to live consciously, according to your own philosophy around the areas of work, wellness, relationships, creativity and spirituality.

Together we will discover what’s holding you back: your fears, doubts, insecurities, and challenge them. We’ll craft powerful goals that will inspire, motivate and excite you toward what you REALLY want! You’ll learn how to manage your energy from day to day and find where you can make the biggest and best changes to your life. We’ll work on how to build the relationships you want with family, friends, and colleagues.

I will guide you through the process of spiritual awakening and phases of personal transformation while helping you clear out old energies, patterns and limiting beliefs. 

I will teach you how to re-balance your energies ans support you with tools and methods that will enhance your daily life.

You will begin to access and trust your intuition as you move through the levels of consciousness and begin to witness your experiences. What else do you want to add here? Let’s do it!

Let me help YOU get MASSIVE CLARITY and get moving toward your goals!

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You Will USE Me BUT…

I am your resource and you want to use me to your advantage! I have an almost limitless supply of love, compassion, forgiveness and strength for you, and I can share many principles that will increase your success and add to your quality of life. BUT do not give up your own power to me. You will always be the ultimate expert of your life. No dependency here—we’re growing  your strengths, not weakening them!


I want to hear it all. If you have a personal problem, tell me! Something exciting has happened? Tell me! You’ll have my contact info for quick calls, emails and texts between sessions.


I want you to have huge gains from our time together and also from the time between sessions. The following helps my clients maximize the value of working with me.

Get to know yourself in a new way: Working with an intuitive coach is a healthy way to grow! While you may have hired me to help with specific goals, don’t be surprised if you discover new parts of yourself, or if you find your goals shifting as you change! This discovery process is natural and you don’t need to rush it. Just know that it will likely happen. Accelerated growth is the hallmark of being coached.

Double your level of willingness: Part of working with a coach is being willing to do the work. I will ask a lot of you and I need you to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches to discovering yourself and redesigning parts your life that you want to challenge and change. That means, please be willing to:

  • Change your behavior, a lot
  • Experiment and try new things
  • Remove sources of stress
  • Redesign how you spend your time
  • Set goals that are much bigger
  • Look again at assumptions/decisions you’ve made
  • Start telling what’s really true, regardless
  • Get the support you need
  • Raise your personal standards―very high
  • Stop tolerating the intolerable


This is a unique relationship and it helps to know what we will and won’t discuss during our sessions.

How You Are Doing

  • How are you feeling about yourself―the good stuff and the bad stuff
  • How are you looking at your life?
  • How are you looking at and feeling about others?

What Has Happened Since the Last Call

  • What has happened?
  • Any shifts, wins, insights?
  • Any new choices to make?
  • Personal news?

What You Are Working On

  • Reporting on your progress, projects, goals
  • What have done that you’re proud of?
  • What are you pushing up against? What’s resisting your efforts?

How I Can Help

  • Where are you stuck?
  • Wondering about something?
  • Need to discuss a new idea?
  • Creating a plan of action, strategy or advice?

What is Next

  • What is the next goal or project you want to take on?
  • What changes do you want to make to your goals

• Create a safe, nonjudgmental space for you
• Keep everything you say in the strictest confidence
• Help you discover your goals and time-frames
• Ask you focused, thought-provoking questions
• Challenge you to think about the life you really, really want
• Listen intently to you and ask deep questions
• Reflect back to you those inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles in a clear and objective manner.
• Hold you accountable for your own chosen goals and actions and keep you on track
• Encourage you to be positive and pro-active, and be your cheerleader

• Tell you what to do, or not to do (role of a consultant)
• Give direct advice of what you should or should not do
• Inflict my personal experiences onto you
• Sell or manipulate you to my agendas
• Judge you
• Evaluate you
• Criticize you
• Critique you
• Assess you
• Make you feel guilty for any reason at all

• A therapist
• A councilor
• A consultant

 I AM…
• A certified intuitive coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner
• A Reiki master/teacher

Here’s What My Clients Say

Michelle was very personable and easy to talk to during coaching. She was direct yet compassionate. Michelle is a wonderful coach who allows you to be open with exploration and ideas. Michelle coached me through a phase and transition that was unique to me. I appreciate Michelle for her willingness to work with me. Her help was very much appreciated. –Artricia A.

I had lots of big goals but no idea how to narrow my focus and choose the path that would make my soul sing. I was overwhelmed and getting nowhere. Michelle lovingly helped me sort through my options, get organized, and take an honest look at what I truly wanted to do with my life. In just four sessions I had a roadmap, an abundance of motivation, and an end to the overwhelm.      –Katrina H.

I have been one of Michelle McKenzie’s clients for a while. Unlike a traditional life coach she brings to the table her experience in angel cards reading and reiki. Michelle’s skills, innate instinct and spiritual wisdom has provided me exactly what I needed during the rough times that I have run into during major transition in my life. I decided to seek out a professional like Michelle who had the formal training of spiritual depth and the know-how of a life coach. She has focus, passion, commitment, wisdom and persistence. She is also a natural intuitive, which shines through in her coaching because her focus is that you be set free so you can fly on your own. She is a healer of the soul. She goes deeper to find the root of your desire to become all that you were created to be.  —Aida S.

Michelle is an incredible coach. She brings a loving, intuitive energy to your session and allows you to feel comfortable in sharing with her. She carefully guided me over a huge hurdle in my life and I loved working with her.–Raeanna L.

Michelle McKenzie is a natural when it comes to life coaching. She made me feel comfortable right from the beginning and I was able to say anything that was on my mind without any judgement from her. She definitely helped guide me to find my purpose in life and what I’m meant to do in this world.. I cannot appreciate her enough. –Tiffany B.

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A free Discovery call is:
• A chance to get acquainted
• A chance to explore your challenges and goals and discuss what we can do together to help you realize MASSIVE change!

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