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Izzy and Frankie Cain

It helps to hear stories by others who have suffered the losses we’ve suffered. Some rituals may inspire us to try them or to try something similar. Our animals will leave us, and it will wrench our hearts, but hearing from others helps me with my pain. I hope it helps you too.

Send me your stories and a photo of your animal and I’ll list it here!

Maddie, Daisy, and Misty Blue–Diana Dazzo

Maddie just passed 2 months ago at 11.5 years. She was a quiet and unassuming girl who we adopted when she was 6yrs old. She never barked and was the sweetest of all the rescues!

I inherited Daisy when Dad passed in 2009. She was a rambunctious lab mix who had the run of the house with me the last four years of her life. She was 15 years old when she passed.

Misty Blue was 5.5 years old when we adopted her from the Grass Valley animal shelter. She was heartworm positive and had tick and Lyme diseases. We got her through all the diseases and she lived until she was 9.5. She chased everything in the yard and loved her toys and balls and wore me out.   

Izzy and Frankie—Denise Cain (photo above)

My beautiful Izzy passed at 2am. She woke me to say goodbye. I covered her with her favorite blanket, head out. I placed candles around her. The other dogs had time to visit and say their goodbyes. It wasn’t till 13 hrs later that someone came for her. I felt sad, but satisfied about her “wake.”

My Franke was given his “shot” in a cold vet office. As soon as his heart stopped, they began rushing the process. I was in a fog, trying not to fall apart, pay the bill, get him to my car. I came home, took a deep breath and prepared his grave. Then poof, he was gone. The other dogs never saw him or his body. I regret all of that. He too should have had his wake. A few hours to honor and appreciate all he was to all of us.
Whether a person or a pet, I will take that time in the future. Death is forever. Don’t rush things. Take the time to absorb the transition and loss.

Appreciate every day of your existence. Even the tough ones. Where there is life, there is hope.


Tom and Daisy–Animals Grieve –Lucy Lofting

When my neighbour got two kittens, the boy kitten hero worshiped my middle-aged ginger, Tom. Followed him around and copied things he did, including queuing up for a Saturday morning brush behind my two cats. Eventually at the age of 16, Tom passed away naturally in my arms and was buried in the garden. Charlie was the only other mourner at the ‘funeral’ and was very agitated when after rose petals had been strewn, the grave was filled in on top of Tom. I thought initially he worried how Tom would get out but I underestimated a cat’s ability to grieve and mourn. Charlie sat by the grave for three days, before getting on with his life.

Animals grieve. My recently rehomed cat had befriended a tortie who lived in the road we back onto. Daily, she would disappear to sit or play with her. When the playmate was injured and spent time in with the vet, having her jaw wired, Daisy was miserable. However, they were soon re-united and I think some sharing of meals was involved. Sadly 10 days ago the other cat died and my girl was so sad and became unusually clingy. Her owner sent me a picture of my Daisy sitting in her garden on the spot they spent time together. It seems to help her through her grief. We should never underestimate their feelings.


Corey–Lynn Howe

Corey’s Celebration of Life. It was on a beautiful day and my family and Sis came for the occasion. I had printed photos of him and my granddaughter (6 years old) painted a cardboard collage of me walking Corey, of the rainbow bridge, and a big smiley fact to remember to smile. We all sat at the table together and started by sharing stories of the funny times we had spent and how he had touched our lives.

What was amazing is that we all had stories and he had in some way worked to help heal each of us. Each person used “joyful and loving” to describe him along with the funniest stories. When we finished our stories, we went out to the patio where Corey loved to lay in the flowers with the view of pine trees. Each of us dabbled some of his essential oils given to him by a healer along with Holy Water from France. We asked for a Reiki blessing for Corey and sent distance healing to him at the time of his passing and for him with us then and raised our hands to all corners of the Earth sending energy and light to Corey and all.

While my granddaughter let me know Corey would always be here in spirit, I let Corey know his work was done here and how grateful we all were that this radiant being had chosen us… and he was free to be released to help whatever next sentient beings needed him or where ever he was directed. It was one of the most Sacred moments I’ve experienced. And although I miss this boy every moment, I know that he feels loved and is free to choose. Thank you for allowing me to share our story.


In 2020 five of my babies died of old age, heart problems, and cancers. You can imagine perhaps how devastated I was by the loss of each one. Compound this by having one after the other die within a six-month period. Petie, Kissy and Lolly died a few years before that time.

I was blessed with the joy and love each of these crazy babies brought into my life. There are more and I’ll add them as I find their photos.


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