Doula Services that can be added to your CARE PLAN

As your Companion Animal End-of-Life Coach:

  • I will learn about your best friend, what kind of animal he/she is or was, learn about their life and favorite person and their favorite things to do. 
  • Help you set up hospice care in your home
  • Help you create sacred space and rituals for you and your loved one
  • Offer Reiki to you and your animal
  • Review the Quality of Life chart regularly to assess how your animal is doing.
  • Assess your goals, beliefs, concerns, and financial constraints.
  • Assess comorbidities to ensure all issues are being addressed to maximize comfort and function.
  • Provide/schedule regular QoL scale evaluations and pain assessments.
  • Provide regular, ongoing guidance about comfortable bedding, safe surroundings, medications, feeding, wound management, assistive devices, physical medicine, etc.
  • Put together a preparedness plan for the inevitable decline in your animal’s health status – advanced directive, 24-hour euthanasia options.
  • Plan for unexpected escalations of pain or discomfort.
  • Plan/prepare for in-home euthanasia when desired.
  • Plan for body handling ahead of time to reduce stress during the time of crisis.
  • Offer referral to grief support services if needed.
  • Support for you and your pet during euthanasia
  • Discuss your options for your pet after death
  • I will hold space for you to spend time talking about your friend and sharing memories.
  • We will discuss what you want in terms of location, type of funeral, songs/music, prayers, or poems for the ceremony, as well as how you would like it to be conducted.
  • I can help you decide if you want a religious or non-religious ceremony. This is important as religious or non-religious beliefs and rituals will assist help you deal with the loss of your beloved friend.
  • I can lead the ceremony (unless a family member wishes to do so), through the introduction, prayers, inviting people to speak, and help you create the conclusion.
  • I will offer support and guidance and resources
  • I provide you with a copy of the ceremony.

These are just a few services you can consider in your CARE PLAN


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