Adventure Inspires Me

Adventure inspires me.

It really does. I absolutely love the thrill of a new adventure! I excitedly look forward to the opportunity to do something adventurous. My passion for new, mysterious exploits hardly quiets because I enjoy the exhilarating feeling they give me. I feel energetic and full of life when I experience adventure. Adventure also scares me, but that’s part of the fun!

I also love the unpredictability of nature and having the opportunity to frolic with it gives me a thrill. I enjoy hiking in the forest because every experience is unique. I create new memories each time I head into the woods alone, or with friends.

I do recognize that adventure doesn’t just come in the form of nature escapades or physical feats.  Challenges with converting negative thinkers into positive believers give me the same adrenaline rush as riding the world’s biggest roller coaster. I love that!

Every hardship I experience is a learning experience.W hen I feel there’s not as much money in my bank account as I’m comfortable with, I consider surviving through it as an adventure.  When I feed myself and pay the bills, take care of my family (that’s my husband, seven dogs, three cats and a horse!) I laugh with satisfaction because I am able to conquer such a challenge.

Try this affirmation: I accept hardships with open arms because they force me to think and be creative. Developing that state of mind is an adventure for me.

Today, let us all continue to look for opportunities to experience adventure. Adventure exists in everyday life and so look for it expectantly. Enjoy the feeling when you make it out the other side of an adventurous experience!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I enjoy sharing adventurous experiences with family and friends?
  2. Am I realistic enough to recognize when an adventurous experience could bring danger?
  3. Do I look for adventure in the right places?
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