Remember to Breathe and Be Mindful When Selling Your Home

We’re selling our home of 16 years. Downsizing. It’s a big job. And we need to keep the house clean and staged for showings. With 6 dogs (4 of which are seniors) and 3 cats this is a day-long challenge.

I am constantly reminding myself to breathe. I mean constantly. Especially when someone just barfed on the already bad-looking carpet and a potential buyer is on their way.

So I remind myself to spend a few moments in mindful breathing. And I’m okay again. I know I’m not the only person who is dealing with huge stress. I know YOU are dealing with huge stresses every single day. But my wish for you today is to breathe. Learn to breathe and learn to be mindful.

Hugs to you all and remember to breathe!

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