Two Steps Toward Manifesting Your Joyful Life

Manifestation is about exploring our inner self and exploring it to that extent where our dreams can become part of our everyday life. There are people who have learned the art of manifestation and they have made their dreams come true. This is known as the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation gives us direct control over our lives and makes us stronger and humble in a sense that we come to know the realities of our life. We can think about something special and set a goal for our life but without understanding how the law of attraction works, those thoughts, dreams and ideas may not happen.

What It Is

According to Wikipedia “Manifestation is a belief that one can, by force of will, desire, and focused energy make something true on physical level.” In other words, you can say that manifestation is the ability to control physical aspects of life through the power of your mind. This is a very powerful tool if you learn it properly.

According to David Spangler, one of the early residents of Findhorn:

“Manifestation is the art of fashioning a co-creative, synchronistic, and mutually supportive relationship between the inner creative energies of a person’s own mind and spirit and their counterpart within the larger world in order to bring a new and desirable situation into being.”

Human thoughts are very powerful. Every human experiences more than 50,000 thoughts a day and all of these thoughts become part of the personal life of that person. The house you own, the car you drive and bank balance you have, are all the outcomes of your thoughts. This means that we can manipulate our physical life by thinking in a more focused way and bringing those thoughts into existence.


Powerful and focused thoughts are often enough to bring all your tangible and intangible needs into existence, but it takes a very concentrated DESIRE and EMOTION!

Back your DESIRE with powerful EMOTIONS. Emotions are like the backbone of thoughts and when we focus on the thing we want to manifest we must experience our emotions as if the thing has been manifested.

For example, you should feel that emotion you feel after marrying that perfect person, or after getting behind the driving seat of that new Mercedes Benz.

The second ingredient is ACTION.  You can’t think of one thing, but do another. You must ACT on what you wish to manifest. Taking action is the same as taking steps toward your goals. Do you want that beautiful home? What do you need to get it? Go back to school? That’s action! Do you want to meet your soul mate? What’s the first step you could take toward that goal? Maybe go where you’ll meet new people? Action is important.

Thoughts have the power to change your world but they require your desire, emotion and action!

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