Discover the Endless Gifts of Peace and Serenity

A nurse was recording himself on his phone, crying. He described holding phones up to his patients so they could talk to their families before they died.  People were dying without their families, and families were losing their loved ones and not able to be with them as they passed.

As I watched, I started to cry too. It felt like the world was facing an apocalypse not that different from Walking Dead but people weren’t eating each other. This virus couldn’t be real.

Life is extremely stressful right now with Covid 19 and everyone trying so hard to stay safe. But we don’t have to be stressed out 24/7 during overwhelming times.  We all want to achieve a stress-free and calm life and while it may seem like an impossible task, particularly right now, there are things we can do that will definitely help us achieve a calmer more serene life.

Learn Mindfulness

Ever wonder what all the talk about mindfulness is about? Then this is the perfect time to learn how being aware of your breath can change your life!

When feeling stressed, one great mindfulness exercise is to take slow deep breaths and just follow them. Feel the air entering your nostrils and reaching the back of your throat. Notice the rise and fall of your chest. Just be with yourself for a minute. It’s amazing how quickly you can melt stress away just with your breath.

There’s so much more to explore and discover about mindfulness, so check out my other blogs, or send me a note if you’d like to talk!

Be Thankful

We here about doing this, but how many of us do it? Practicing gratefulness is one way that we can turn our stress around. Take a moment to appreciate the things that you have to be grateful for.

Are you grateful for your children? Your home? Your job? Make a list and add to it daily basis. Read your list when you need a reminder of all that you are grateful for!

Focus on Positivity

It is easy to find ourselves in a cycle of negativity. Every little thing that happens in our daily lives can so easily turn into a major complaint or problem. However, it is also possible to push back on that. Instead of complaining, find the positive in the situations. If you follow the precepts of the Law of Attraction, which say that you attract what you think and feel, you know how important a positive mindset can affect your life.

When your mind begins to wander into the direction of the negative, force yourself to maintain a positive outlook. Like Pollyanna, find the good in the situation. Over time, being positive will become easier. You may even begin to rub off on others around you. Yay!

Be Kind

This may seem a little obvious but being kind to others can actually go a long way toward your everyday wellbeing. Even when someone goes out of their way to make your life difficult, you can still choose to be kind to them. Chances are, your kind attitude will prevent others from doing anything to make your life difficult in the future.

Be Neat and Tidy

Keeping your home clean and tidy can reduce stress and anxiety! Clutter is often an overlooked culprit for stress and anxiety.

Taking a day to tidy your home, car, workspace or anywhere else where you spend time can greatly enhance your sense of calm.

Enjoy the Quiet

One issue about being ‘stuck’ at home is that it’s just too quiet for some people. We become so used to noise and business that we don’t enjoy the quiet moments anymore. However, learning to enjoy quiet time is actually beneficial for our minds and our bodies.

While there is nothing wrong with watching television or enjoying music, it should not be the entirety of your day. Making the choice to enjoy the quiet can actually do a great deal of good for enhancing your calm and serenity.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to gain peace and serenity in our everyday life is not an easy task; it takes commitment and determination. However, achieving peace and serenity is a gift that will keep on giving. Overcoming all of the negative aspects of our daily lives gives us a relaxation that is worth all of the hard work!

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