Meditation in 3 Easy Steps

How to Meditate―3 Simple Steps

Our minds are noisy! There’s constant self-talk about one thing or another and no place for the whispers from the Universe to be heard.

Meditation can bring a variety of benefits to our lives. We can use it to gain more energy, focus our mind, relax our body, attain peace, rejuvenate our spirit, prepare for a job interview and many other things. However, meditation is primarily a way to rest and relax your mind.

Our mind goes into a deeper, more relaxed stage where we’re more aware of our body and surroundings. There are many ways to meditate, but they all focus on the main goal―to quiet your mind and achieve a state of inner calm.

Here are three simple strategies that can help you get the most from your meditation:Choose the best time and place. Because of our different schedules and harried lives, not everyone will find the same time best for them. The time of day is not really so important as long as you pick a time that works well for you.

  1. Choose a time to meditate when you won’t have the phone ringing or kids knocking on your door. To quite your mind you need quiet in the home.
  • Some people avoid times right before or after eating. I’m guessing it has to do with hunger and indigestion.
  • Start small. A beginning practice of 5 minutes is a great way to start while stopping your mind. Later you can add time. So many people find that mediation is critical to their wellbeing.

2. Find a space that’s both relaxing and quiet, so that nothing takes your attention away from meditating.

  • Turn off loud appliances, the television, and even your phone, so you’re not distracted or interrupted.
  • Nature can provide an inspirational place for meditation.
  • If you’re indoors, set up a terrific space to help you meditate. Close the curtains, turn on soft light, or light your favorite scented candle. Use a comfy cushion or chair. I have my favorite meditation music on my phone so I can hear it when I’m in my studio or in the woods. Some people envision a place that brings them happiness. This place can be real or imagined as long as you’re relaxed and not thinking about your problems.

          3. Clear your mind. Even when we are still, our minds continue to think. Expect the problems of the day to come into your mind while you’re trying to     meditate. Just acknowledge them, and sweep them aside. It might help to actually use your hand to sweep them aside. You can come back to them later.

  • Breathe deeply and concentrate on relaxing your body. Breathing in― Picture sending roots down into the earth. Breathe in Earth energy and love.
  • Picture each part of your body going limp as you relax. With each breath, inhale peace.
  • As you exhale, picture sending love and Divine energy.
  • Find your inner peace. Find your place of inner peace when you meditate. It’s the place inside of you that’s quiet and far away from the cares of the world. Listen to the whispers of the Universe. These are often the whispers you never hear in the noise of the everyday.
  • Allow yourself to stay in this place for a while, calming and relaxing your body and mind.


Enjoy this time you give to yourself to commune with the Divine. Put it on your schedule. Pretty soon, you’ll be so in love with this part of your day you won’t need a reminder!

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